For the past year or so I’ve been a big fan of podcasts. I listen to them while I work out, when I walk around campus, when I’m working, when I get ready in the morning, etc.. I prefer listening to the sound of people talking than listening to music to be quite honest. A part of me thinks it’s because I live alone. Maybe listening to podcasts is my way of simulating actual human interaction, who knows?

I listen to about six different podcasts on a regular basis. All of these podcasts follow a very informal format and are basically two people sitting in a room just having a conversation. Sometimes they hold more formal interviews but they are still improvised and free flowing conversation that most likely involve some editing in post. Those are the kind of podcasts I gravitate to, however “60 words” by Radiohead was extremely entertaining to me.

I tried to listen to “The story of you” but the first 10 seconds of the broadcast completely turned me off (it was just too weird ). “60 words” opened more like a radio talk show. I like talk shows, so, it automatically caught my attention.

What really liked about this podcast is how they meshed the different interviews, news casts, and speeches with the telling of the story. The hosts introduce the topic of the podcast in the first minute or so of the podcast and from there the podcast almost literally comes to life. It was like listening to a documentary but like… not boring. How did they do that? You would think that an audio documentary would automatically put you to sleep but no this one. It held my attention the whole time.

I’ve never heard a podcast like this to before. I honestly thought podcasts were just people sitting in a room with expensive mics. This really opened my eyes. Will I use this podcast as inspiration for my own podcast project, and model after this one. Absolutely not, there’s no way I could make anything close to this entertaining, informational, and well polished piece of greatness. I will, however, add this podcast to my daily list to binge.

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