final project ideas

To be honest, I’m sure what I want to do for my final project. I’m considering visiting twine again. My original twine was a “black card revoked” sort of quiz on black culture. I thought the idea was pretty funny and informative but I don’t think I really did the twine any justice. I barely finished it to be honest. But then again, I think I’d rather go deeper into my artist book. My artist book is a sort of picture book, displaying different African American hairstyles. I only showcased 10 different styles but I could definitely do ten more styles. I could also add more detail to the 10 pages I already created. I’m still not entirely sure just yet.

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  1. Well both options have promise. I’d want to hear more about what, specifically, you’re thinking of vis a vis Twine, before expressing a preference — although mostly it should be about what you’re most engaged by and can be expressive through.

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