ASMR No one asked for

ASMR is a sort of feeling that is triggered by soothing visuals, whispers, audio bites and other gentle stimuli. Paper tearing, soap cutting, and fake pillow talk are extremely common. What I want to do is the opposite of that. I want to make ASMR that is unsettling, uncomfortable, and no where near relaxing. Good ASMR is suppose to send tingles down your spine, I want to make you cringe… hard.

here is a list of possible sounds

  1. your parents signing divorce papers
  2. your parents telling you they aren’t mad at you, just disappointed
  3. the sound of the rejection email from your dream college
  4. the Starbucks barista getting your name wrong
  5. your boss calling you to come cover a shift
  6. your significant other saying they need to talk
  7. the bus driving past you
  8. the indigo showing up on time
  9. walking all the way to class for it to be cancelled
  10. the sound of your room mate hooking up while your still in the room
  11. your friends making plans without you
  12. eating lunch ALONE
  13. your friends not laughing at the memes you show them
  14. you searching for your i-card
  15. looking for homework that you 100% didn’t do
  16. cat knocking stuff over
  17. “Can I speak to the manager”
  18. you debit card getting declined

ENG Dep asmr?

While brainstorming ideas for my original ASMR, I got the idea to do sounds that are special to the IUP English departments. Here is a list,

  • Sherwood saying “about”
  • Farrington telling you need an elsewhere in you poem
  • Weinstien getting excited about something in class
  • Kneinkamp laughing at her own jokes
  • Farrington’s “2 minute” warning alarm
  • typing a paper at 2 am
  • Marsden drinking his 3rd cup of tea
  • the elevator stopping at every floor on your way to the English department

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