Artist Book update

I have four pages of my artist book complete so far. I’m pretty satisfied with how they turned out but I may scratch those and start over. I got an idea last night that I like way better than what I’ve been doing.

For the background of my pictures I’ve just been using black construction paper. It didn’t have any special meaning, I just thought it looked cool. Last night I found a craft I made a few summers ago (I use to be a camp counselor). It was a little book made out of paper bags.

Paper bags have an interesting connection to black history. There use to be (and sorta still is) a “test” called the “paper bag test”. If a black person is darker than a paper bag then they are “too dark”, “ugly”, etc.. If a they are lighter than a paper bag, then they “pass”.

I think, I’m going to make another book out of paper bags and put my collages on its pages. I’m basically starting my entire project over, but I think it’ll be worth it.

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